Invasive Species



Invasive species can threaten the delicate balance of an ecosystem, resulting in tremendous ecological and economic damage. And once they have invaded, it is much more difficult to control or remove them, which is why it is necessary to be proactive and take seriously any invasive threat to our native environment. And, the more we experience the effects of global warming, the harder it will be to eliminate non-native plants and animals, which are able to the changing climate quite well, more so than existing species.

Two notable invasive species are the zebra mussel and Asian Carp. The invasive zebra mussels are consuming the plants that other species of fish rely on for survival. Zebra mussels are now abundant in the Lake and are spreading rapidly as they are able to colonize on just about any surface. Asian Carp are the most recent threat to the Great Lakes, and there are tremendous efforts to keep them out.




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