I am an activist against water and air pollution.  I live close to Lake Erie and the Buffalo and Niagara Rivers.  I believe that we are carelessly poisoning our environment with toxins, whether intentionally or without realizing it.  We need to be educated about the health of our immediate environment and resources.  This blog, Great Lakes Waters, will attempt to call out the most important issues surrounding the health of the Great Lakes ecosystem today, in order to educate those who don’t know, or convince those who do, what the problems are and how we can hope to fix all that is broken.

The Great Lakes are facing extreme stresses caused primarily by human activity. Over the past century, we have abused this amazing natural resource to its limits, and now this abuse is beginning to show. Lake Erie is more prone to damage because it is the shallowest, warmest lake. Some of the problems happening specifically in Lake Erie include invasive species; sewage pollution; algal bloom caused by excess nutrient; toxic chemicals and substances; garbage; bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

We, the people who abused the Great Lakes and destroyed water quality and natural ecosystems, are accountable to restore them for future generations; we must take action through actual, measured initiatives in real time; and there is an urgency to undertake this cleanup now, before it is to late and the lakes are damaged beyond repair.


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