GLRI–Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

The GLRI is a governmental action plan designed to cover the period from February 2010 through February 2014. It is focused on implementing specific action plans to clean up the Great Lakes, including toxins and pollutants and invasive species, as well as restoring the health of the “nearshore” zone, wetland areas, and habitat wildlife restoration. This plan is what establishes a good portion of the annual federal funding for Great Lakes cleanup.

Healing Our Waters–Great Lakes Coalition

The Great Lakes Coalition consists of 120 environmental, conservation, and outdoor recreation organizations, as well as zoos, aquariums, and museums, all with the common goal of restoring and protecting the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes Center at Buffalo State College

The Great Lakes Center at Buffalo State College is a research and educational program combined with hands-on projects and studies aimed at identifying the threats to the Great Lakes, primarily Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, as well as restoring their health.

Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement—IJC International Joint Commission

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement is a treaty first signed in 1972 by both the US and Canada to restore and protect the Great Lakes Ecosystem. It was amended in September 2012 between the countries, yet the amendments has been referenced as “falling short” and not specifically defining actual remediation measures.

“U.S.-Canadian Great Lakes treaty falls short, advocates say”

About the treaty:

Great Lakes Commission

The Great Lakes Commission is a partnership between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and the eight Great Lakes states, established by the Great Lakes Basin Compact of 1955. Its purpose is to protect the health of the Great Lakes collectively, among the member states and provinces.



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